Sunday, June 30, 2013

Buy Now And Save On Free Internet Phone and Cable

         New Computer With One Year Service on Parts and Labor

    The key component is the patented 5 mile PARABOLIC WIFI antenna and the 1watt line booster. You will get signals from five miles away. The Puerto Rico government is putting free internet hot spots in each town of Puerto Rico. Ponce has Ponce WIFI with over 1Gig of speed for free. Our System includes the following.

       1) Parabolic WIFI Antenna
       1) 1 Watt Line Booster
       1) 50 foot quality cable
       1) Magic Jack Plus for One year of free Phone calls.
       1) Rabbit   for 5,000 internet cable channels
       1) 17 inch Flat Screen Monitor
       1) Pentium 4 or Dual Core 2 gz minimum 2 gig of ram 500 gig hard drive
       1) 2 Speakers
       1) Windows 7 Lic
       1) Rosetta Stone English Course
       1) Micro Soft Office Home Student 2010

      All For Just $1,995 plus tax and $25 dollars for delivery and set up.

New Complete Computer System
New Computer System with 1 Year Service

Used Computer System
 Used Computer with 1 year service Puerto Rico

Add only $100 dollars for shipping anywhere in the USA.

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