Thursday, June 18, 2009

Get Free Phone, Free Cable Channels

Get a used computer financed with free phone, free 3,000 cable channels.

Computer models vary between IBM, Compact, HP and Dell.

Down Payments vary between makes, models and number of phone lines. You can have as many as 8 free phone lines per computer and WIFI your entire office with one dedicated computer and one DSL high speed internet line.

One Computer with one phone line will vary between $150 and $250 down payment and $50 per month for 8 months. Add $100 to include a WIFI card. $450 cash price

You are paying for a one year service agreement as well as the computer. The service agreement comes with a 24 to 48 hour response time. We swap out the computer or monitor within 24 to 48 hours of receiving call.

We don’t ask to you drag in the computer and then wait till we figure out what is wrong with it. Most companies will hand you a bill for labor, because labor is not include in many of these extended manufactures warranties. We will swap out your computer with a comparable computer or a newer faster one.

We sell and service all of our own equipment. Nothing is out sourced.. Please read the fine print on your service agreement. Coffee spills and dropped computers are excluded from warranties.

Your monthly payments will be reflected on your credit report once we have reached the minimum required by TRW.

Very important For Real Estate Investors.

We can provide FREE PHONE, AND FREE WIFI internet service for your entire condominium complex.

There are two options.
Option 1

I can provide the equipment for free Phone and Free Internet and provide owner with a percentage of the low monthly internet bill charged to tenants. The service and equipment is free to the owner, but billed to the tenants. Tenants will be billed 10 per month, per tenant for WIFI internet service. There is a $450 deposit required for the equipment.

Option 2

You are responsible for your own service. Service contracts are separate for option 2.
Most 100 unit complexes can be wired up for about 1000 dollars including computer. You can provide the service to your tenants for free or you can use our automatic billing service with a 50 percent split.

Option 3
Option three includes an entire video surveillance system working 24-7 through the internet

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